Creeper – Nude Scenes

  • Year: 2012
  • Genre(s): Thriller, Horror
  • Number of videos: 5
  • Nude Actresses: Brittney Cardella, Caitlin Bond, Tara Price
Heather and her friends have some devilish fun on the social website, ConnectMeNet. However, their amusement has come at the expense of a lonely and medicated half-wit, Jerry Tobin. After goading him into humiliating himself on camera in various cruel acts of depravity, they post the clips online for the world to see in a video titled 'Revenge on a Creeper'. This ruins Jerry's meager life and he disappears without a trace... Fast forward a year, and the tables are now turned when Jerry reemerges, off the antipsychotic medication that clouded his thoughts and kept his demons at bay. Now the girls are forced into a nightmarish fight for their lives!